Obama 'Singing' Rihanna's 'Work' Is Keeping America Great

It’s a good thing Barack Obama says “work” a lot, or how else could YouTube user Baracksdubs have delivered this sync-along in which the president’s words are dubbed into Rihanna’s “Work“? “Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy your day off with some Work,” the YouTube description reads.  Works for us. H/T Tastefully Offensive — This feed and […]

This Awesome Company Creates Nude Chest Binders In A Variety Of Skin Tones

In my many internet searches for chest binders, hardly have I come across any that were actually skin-toned. Binders are most often available in black, white, and gray, with the occasional mermaid scale or animal print thrown into the mix. So when I came across GC2B’s new line of nude binders, I was happily surprised […]

28 Stars You Might Not Know Are Bisexual

Sharon Osbourne recently made tabloid headlines for coming out as bisexual after she opened up about her sexuality on “The Talk.” The only problem? She never actually said she was bisexual.  The incident highlighted just how much confusion there can be around sexual identity and also served as a reminder of how little many people […]