Step 1:

Choose your membership. The NCBAA Western Region offers two types of memberships—Individual and Institutional. Please proceed to Step 2a for Individual Membership or Step 2b for Institutional Membership.

Membership Definitions

Institutional Member:  Any AACC Member College that supports the goals of the NCBAA 

Professional Member:  A member who is a trustee, faculty, administrator and/or other personnel of community colleges that is AACC Member College and supports the goals of the NCBAA 

Student Member: Any student currently enrolled in an institution of higher education that qualifies for membership in accordance with the NCBAA Constitution and Bylaws

Associate Member: Any individual, organization or group that does not meet any other category of NCBAA membership but supports the purposes, programs, and activities of the NCBAA 

Retired Member: Any individual who is retired but has been a NCBAA active professional member  

Step 2a:

Click Here to Complete the Individual Membership Application


WRCBAA Membership Fee

If mailing a check, please make payable to NCBAA/WRCBAA and mailed to:

Western Region Treasurer, Dr. BJ Snowden
4700 College Oak Drive, Sacramento, CA 95841    ARC Main, ITC                 

Step 2b:

Institutional Membership Application – Colleges & Universities

Sponsorship/Institutional Membership
Clicking the Institutional Membership Application link will redirect you to the NCBAA website where you will be prompted to include the name and contact information of a primary institutional representative and submit payment to the national organization.

Step 3:

Await Confirmation

Your individual application will be confirmed by e-mail within seven (7) business days of its receipt by the WRCBAA. Please contact the WRCBAA Vice President of Membership if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail.

Dr. David Reed

Vice President of Membership
[email protected]

WRCBAA Membership Fee Structure

  • Institutional Membership ($500)
  • Individual Professional Memberships ($50)
  • Individual Student Membership ($10)
  • Associate Membership ($100)
  • Retiree Membership ($100)

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to a network of Black/African American faculty and administrators committed to cultivating the educational opportunities and professional development of African American/Black students, faculty, staff, and administrators
    in the Western Region.
  • Mentoring from WRCBAA Members to support career goals and leadership skill development of African American/Black students, faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • Reduced rate on regional and national conference registrations and workshops.
  • Eligible to participate in the Leadership Development Institutes.
  • Access to the bi-annual WRCBAA newsletter.
  • Access to announcements, job postings, and events pertaining to Black/African American faculty and administrators.