WRCBAA Conference 2024

Unapologetically Black & Educated

Submissions Guide 

Who is this conference for? 

The first annual Unapologetically Black and Educated Conference brings together faculty, classified staff, students, senior-level administrators and academic leaders from colleges and universities across the nation. 

This inclusive conference consists of curated and thought-provoking learning sessions to promote support for black student success by encouraging and growing leadership at all areas of higher-education. 

What topics are you looking for? 

All topics related to the conference’s mission of boldly and courageously supporting black student success and representation in higher education are sought. Topics that display how a focus on growing or expanding African American leadership is and can be a mechanism facilitating black student success are highly encouraged.   

Specifically, we are seeking case studies, research presentations, programmatic reviews and discussions concerning initiatives that support black student success in higher-education and the integration and intersection of this work via leadership roles. 

Example topics 

  • “Hiring for Equity: Understanding the role of Cluster Hires in collegiate environments and how to build inclusive capacity.” 
  • “From Grass Roots to Large-Scale Implementation: Proactively advancing black women in leadership – A Roundtable Discussion“ 
  • “Fostering Diversity and Developing Leaders: Innovations in Cultivating Anti-Racist Teaching and Learning Environments.”   
  • “Micro-aggressions: Improving the experience of black women in community college leadership positions.” 
  • “Black Excellence 365: Advancing Innovations in Transfer Equity.”  


Presentation Formats 


Talks are issue-oriented, provide concrete examples, and contain both practical and theoretical information. Post-mortems and case studies are included in this category. 

Attendees love to hear how other colleges have approached a key challenge. Talks that detail innovative programs or initiatives with measurable results are highly sought. 

Attendees also want to learn about what not to do or how other organizations learned from their mistakes. Case studies are well liked by attendees. 


Lectures focus on the latest information and research concerning leadership and diversity in higher education. These lecture topics span from hiring, mentoring and coaching outcomes to measurable success from the implementation of policy initiatives and programmatic changes.  

Panel Discussions 

Panel discussions assemble a group of experts or competently informed persons to discuss research, outcomes, case studies, personal experiences and approaches.  If submitting for a panel discussion please include the bios and resumes of each panelist with a brief explanation of how their experience or background qualifies them to speak authoritatively on the proposed topic.  

Proposals Must Include the Following: 

Please complete a proposal narrative as part of the submission form below. Submitted proposals must include responses to the following areas:  

  • A detailed summary of the proposed topic / talk   
  • Why is it relevant to black student success in higher-education and leadership?  
  • What will attendees learn / take away from your presentation?


What to expect if selected?

Selection letter 

You will be notified of the selection results by email, on or before September 16, 2024. If selected, you’ll have the option to accept or decline the speaking invitation. 


If you accept the invitation, you must register for the conference by the deadline listed in your letter, otherwise an alternate may be selected. Speakers are eligible for the discounted speaker rate listed on the speaker proposal submission form. 

Hotel and travel 

Speakers are responsible for their hotel and travel costs. 

Abstract and schedule 

The topic abstract, biography and headshot you submit will be published once the agenda scheduled has been finalized. Once the agenda is finalized, your session day and time will be published on the website. 

Presentation slides 

PowerPoint slides are optional, but encouraged. Technology and A/V display systems will be made available at the conference, however you are encouraged to bring your own personal devices that can be connected for presentation viewing.  

Selected presenters will be required to submit PowerPoint presentations to WRCBAA prior to the conference, so our technicians can test the file and ensure its integrity for display on our A/V systems. There is WiFi available in the conference area, but please embed all audio and video files into your presentation. You’ll receive a reminder email as we approach the conference date. 


If anything changes about your session or if there is even a remote possibility that you may need to cancel, please inform our conference committee representatives immediately at:  [email protected] 


Conference Presenter Submission Form

Conference Presenter Submission Form

Are you submitting to be a presentation speaker or a panelist? Selecting both will maximize your selection opportunities(Required)
Please attach a professional headshot (minimum dimensions 1000 x 1000 no larger than 5MB)(Required)
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
Optional: Do you identify with any of the following?

I understand if I am selected to speak, and I accept the selection, I must register for the conference no later than Monday, March 4, 2024

Presentation Proposal