Education Doesn't End with Graduation

This year marks 50 years since my high school graduation. I can’t believe it either. I was excited to be starting college, though I was also in a hurry to finish. I was a newlywed, and my husband and I were so eager to start our “real life,” I took extra classes so I could […]

No More College Brag Pieces, Please!

It’s the most horrible time of the year once again: college admissions season, when high school seniors across America wait with bated breath for the roll of the dice to tell them who they will be–I mean, which college they will attend. Years of effort lie behind them: the endless standardized tests, the arduous transcript-building, […]

Who's Inspired You?

“Das it!” my friend Christina Chaise would exclaim during casual moments of agreement with an energy fit for an impassioned student representative and rights activist. Our friend and mentor, Kevin Stump, would concur in a mellowed manner, illustrative of a civic organizer that’s cool as a cucumber. Christina and Kevin have their own style and […]

The ACA Makes Health Care Jobs Worth Studying For

Wondering what career path to take? One great direction is the medical field. Becoming a doctor is financially out of reach for most people, but other health care careers are lucrative and growing rapidly. Photo source: sheelamohanachandran According to the latest jobs report, while much of the recent jobs growth has occurred in low-wage industries, […]

5 Tips to Help Your Kids Learn a Second Language Fast

Being bilingual has its benefits in this ever-changing and advancing world. So if you know some basics or you’re fluent with another language, teaching this valuable skill to your kids as early as possible is a wise decision you can make as a parent today. Why? Being fluent in another language is an asset your […]