From Beer to Books and Tequila to Technology

Before I was a librarian I was a bartender. Or a mixologist as we preferred to be called. Most people thought the job was pretty easy. How difficult can it be to pour a drink, right? They didn’t know that it wasn’t really about the drinks. It was about making people feel welcome, listening attentively […]

How To Handle Ignorance Towards People With Special Needs

As accepting as we would like to think our world is, ignorance towards people with special needs is one of the most common and unnoticed forms of ignorance. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have witnessed bullying of people with special needs through both direct and indrect ways, that include isolating, […]

Criminal records create more than financial barriers to higher education

Data shows education to be one of the most effective ways to keep people out of prison or from returning to prison. Unfortunately, many college applicants with a criminal record face myriad barriers to accessing the education they need to begin building a new life. By eliminating criminal history disclosure requirements on college applications, colleges […]