Why Don't Students Take Social-Emotional Learning Home?

The intentions of social-emotional learning (SEL) programs are good–and so are the results. With outcomes like increased academic success, improved relationships with peers and teachers, and decreased risky behavior, few could deny that implementing SEL in schools is a win-win situation. But recent studies have found that there’s no guarantee that a student will use […]

Coding Allows Learning Disabled Students to Shine

Learning to code is become increasingly prevalent in school curriculum’s. From after-school clubs to dedicated class periods, coding and computer science curriculum are popping up in schools worldwide. One place surprising place where coding is also increasingly being used is in programs for students with learning disabilities. There are many benefits of coding for learning […]

Introducing WonderPaw, the world's first app that teaches dogs to code

Two years ago, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring the magic of robotics and coding to children everywhere. With the help of thousands of supporters, your favorite robotic pals Dash & Dot were born and have introduced coding to children of all ages. Our progress must not stop there. Today, we are announcing a […]

Nepalese Student's Struggle & Difficulties in The USA

More commonly known as The Land of Opportunity, The United States of America attracts thousands of immigrants each year, in their pursuit of higher education, employment prospects, and better living standards. The influx of Nepalese students into the USA has particularly been rocketing due to the political instability, lack of career opportunities and inadequate educational […]

Are You Cut Out For A Career In Public Health?

I’ve had my fair share of experience working in public health, the most significant of such in my role as the Communications Associate for YTH, working to empower youth through technology-based health initiatives. Through my work, I’ve encountered many people either working towards pursuing a career in public health or who already have established themselves […]