Measles Reported In One Of California’s Most Unvaccinated Counties

Measles results in 146,000 deaths worldwide every year.  The school is closed because of the diagnosis. The county has one of the state’s lowest vaccination rates. An unvaccinated child has been diagnosed with measles in a California county with one of the state’s lowest rates for kindergarten immunization, the state’s department of public health announced Tuesday.  […]

Is There a Right to (Tuition-Free) Higher Ed?

Bernie Sanders is correct that higher education is a right, but he is fundamentally wrong about what that implies. According to Sanders, public colleges and universities should provide universal, tuition-free education for all. This is a noble aspiration, especially for a country in which just over 30 percent of the population has a four-year college […]

Margaret Spellings Avoids Criticizing North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Discrimination Law

University of North Carolina President Margaret Spellings said Tuesday the school system is still working to understand a controversial anti-LGBT bill that was introduced, passed and signed into law last week.  In Spellings’ first statement about the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, or H.B. 2, she refrained from criticizing the law, but said the […]

Visit a Children's Museum!

Summer is in sight. This matters to families following a traditional school calendar because children who take an educational break over the summer experience learning losses. Your school probably has suggestions for addressing this, as do organizations like Reading is Fundamental. But if you’d like something more playful, read on. As an expert on children, […]