The Other Entrepreneurs: Giving Ailing Newborns a Fighting Chance From Vietnam

Every year, more than three million babies die in their first month of life. Most of these deaths could be prevented if appropriate technologies were available in the hospitals of the world’s poorest countries. Nga Tuyet Trang, the founder of Medical Technology Transfer and Services, or MTTS, is trying to make this happen. After spending […]

A Village School in Seoul

Seoul has seen a major increase in in number of international schools over the last decade. Schools like Chadwick School, Dwight School and KIS (Korea International School) have swept into town to challenge the old-league schools like Seoul Foreign School and Seoul International School. They all want a share of the lucrative business of preparing […]

Tests and Children: Accessories to Education

Once upon a time a “test” assessed a student’s comprehension of a subject, or perhaps a student’s relative degree of comprehension compared with his classmate’s; even occasionally a teacher’s professional realization of her intended curriculum. Even this last variant was ultimately grounded in the student’s goals as a learner. The student was the object. No […]

Visual Working Memory May Provide a Clue to the Social Difficulties Seen in Autism

Poor visual working memory can play an important role in the difficulties experienced by a child with autism, according to our recent research. The aim of this study was to compare the working memory profiles of children with autism with typically developing children. Working Memory is the ability to remember and process information and is […]

Location, Location, Location … Near the Right Store

I don’t think anyone who has ever thought about buying or selling real estate will not understand the “location, location, location” thing. Real estate doesn’t move, and there is a finite supply. Where a home is located has a lot to do with value and what buyers will pay to live there. Sometimes the location […]