The Doctor's Dilemma

“First, do no harm.” As we weigh the strategies for tackling the opioid epidemic, I have been asking myself how we, as physicians and educators, can best honor that primary ethical commitment in a situation where there are no easy answers. As a psychiatrist, I have seen well-managed pain medication bring immense relief to patients […]

The Global Search for Education: Planet Earth needs a new 'Billionaires' List

What if we defined Billionaires as entrepreneurs helping to solve earth’s most pressing challenges? What if we disrupted Forbes Magazine criteria for its annual Billionaire’s list? What if we defined Billionaires as entrepreneurs helping to solve earth’s most pressing challenges? Surely humanity, and the whole of planet earth, deserve a new type of Billionaire? As […]

#BringBackOurGirls Two Years Later: A Nigerian Teacher Speaks

Two years after the Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped, one determined teacher discusses girls’ education in Nigeria. #BringBackOurGirls captured the world’s attention two years ago. And then time passed. And the world’s attention wavered. But in Nigeria, educators like Habiba Mohammed refuse to give up the fight for girls’ education. Of the 276 schoolgirls kidnapped from […]

Parents: Teach Your College Bound Students that Their Options are Limitless

Education is much broader than what is learned within the walls of a classroom. While many students equate success to a diploma, this concept is too ‘small picture’ in today’s educational environment. Instead, success is about finding value and seeking opportunities that build long-term skills and experience beyond grades in a transcript. Students need help […]

Everything Is Finished. Everything Is Beginning.

I don’t own any Louis L’Amour books. Westerns just aren’t my thing. But I do have a greeting card with a L’Amour quotation on the front. Amy, my former assistant, gave it to me when I ended my college presidency in January 2015, and it’s been propped up on my desk ever since. “There will […]

From the Filmmaker's Mouth

I like talking to people. I’m not a very technical person beyond my art and graphic design programs, so when the professor asked what everyone in the class would like to do on our itinerary, I skipped over the camera and editing jobs in favor of doing the talking and asking questions. The idea was […]