Yvette Strickling is a Native of Phoenix, Arizona.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts in Education and a Reading Endorsement from Ottawa University. Yvette has previously served in various capacities at both the Maricopa County Community College District and community college campus. She is currently serving as the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs for the Maricopa County Community College District/Chandler-Gilbert Community College. In addition to her work in student affairs, Yvette is an adjunct instructor for College Preparatory Reading, Critical Reading and Student Success courses.

Yvette has been involved in the field of education for over twenty-one years, having returned to school as a re-entry student while working full-time and raising a family. Yvette understands, appreciates, and recognizes the value of receiving an education as well as the support services that help students accomplish their academic and life goals.

Yvette’s professional career has afforded her excellent opportunities that make her a strong leader at her college, within the community and working with students of all ages with a wide variety of goals.  Her skill sets include managing staff, complex budgets and working with executive administration, being responsible for such diverse programs and events ranging from year-end graduation ceremonies to fund raising and student success orientations.  Yvette has also participated in and served as Co-President, and College Representative of the Maricopa Community College District Women’s Leadership Group; President/Co-President of Chandler-Gilbert Community College’s Professional Staff Association; and Chair of Maricopa Council on Black American Affairs Convocations; and is currently the Vice President of Membership for Maricopa Council on Black American Affairs.   Yvette has received numerous honors and awards, and is frequently sought out by many different departments and staff members due to her wide ranging expertise in the aforementioned areas.

Yvette credits her graduate education for providing the impetus she has used to further her education and career. “It is my graduate education that allowed me to take the strong foundation of knowledge I’d built in my undergraduate studies, and focus it on a specific area of interest. It made me a more focused learner, and helped me become a more focused professional.”  Ms. Strickling feels her purpose is that of serving her students, and the community, using her ability and capacity to give back to those who need assistance.  Helping others to succeed in their endeavors is what she seeks to do on a daily basis, both in, and outside the classroom.

Email: yvette.strickling@cgc.edu