Step 2a:

Individual Memberships

Make Your Payment
Please note that online credit card payments are subject to a third party processing fee of $2.00 or less. This fee will be taken at the time of payment. There is no processing fee for payments made by check. Checks must be payable to NCBAA/WRCBAA and mailed to 7860 Michigan Avenue, Oakland, CA 94605 in care of the NCBAA/Western Region Treasurer.

Membership Categories

Step 2b:

Institutional Memberships – Colleges & Universities

Sponsorship/Institutional Membership

Step 3:

Await Confirmation

Your application will be confirmed by e-mail within seven (7) business days of its receipt by the WRCBAA. Please contact the WRCBAA Vice President of Membership if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail.

Yvette Strickling

Vice President of Membership