Leadership Institutes

Dr. Carolyn Grubbs Williams Leadership Development Institute
In keeping with its mission, NCBAA presents the Fourteenth Annual Leadership Development Institute for African American Midlevel Administrators. The Institute prepares African Americans in community colleges for leadership roles to insure that the pipeline to executive-level positions is fluid.

The Advance Leadership Development Institute (ALDI)
The Advanced Leadership Development Institute for African American Midlevel Administrators is an intensive institute designed for alumni of the Leadership Development Institute (LDI). Scholars will build upon skills gained in previous LDI institutes through focused discussions on leadership, challenges, opportunities and networking with experienced community college professionals and their peers.

Thomas Lakin Institute for Mentored Leadership
The Thomas Lakin Institute for Mentored Leadership is a national professional development activity, sponsored by the Presidents’ Round Table of African – American CEOs of Community Colleges. The Institute provides a personal and professional development experience for selected individuals who have demonstrated a potential for expanded leadership roles in their current or future responsibilities within community colleges. Participants develop and strengthen leadership competencies through participation in the Institute. Upon completion of the Institute, each mentee is given the option of being assigned to a mentor to explore more in – depth analyses of individual leadership skills. Participants should be at key transitional points in their careers. Experienced and renowned CEOs serve as the Institute’s faculty. The Institute’s focus is to transform good administrators into extraordinary leaders.

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