Ms. Debbie Trigg, MSW, Treasurer

Debbie Trigg takes pride in receiving an AA degree from Chabot College, as a re-entry student. She also received her Baccalaureate degree in Sociology with an option in Social Services from the California State University at Hayward (CSUH). She also received her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan, where she was trained as a Clinical Therapist.

Debbie served as the Director of Student Life, EOPS Director and the Ombudsperson at Ohlone College for over eighteen years. She was the first African American woman hired in this role and was the longest serving EOPS Director. She was also the founding coordinator of the Umoja program.

In terms of handling fiscal responsibility, she served as the Treasurer of the Central Coast EOPS Consortium for fifteen years. In that role she was responsible for collecting dues, providing reports, making deposits, writing checks and reconciling all financial records.

Currently, Debbie is currently serving as the Dean of Counseling at Chabot College, where she provides direct supervision for over forty employees which include; Administrators, Faculty and Classified Professionals. Areas under her purview are; Transfer Center, Mental Health, Assessment, Student Health Center, Peer Advisors, and General Counseling.

Debbie has a passion to provide resources for Black students to help them identify and function in their true purpose in life.