Abandon the Mentality that Created "No Excuses" Schools

Chalkbeat’s Elizabeth Green is the author of the excellent book, Building a Better Teacher. In the aftermath of the excesses documented at Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy charter chain, Green reviewed both sides of the arguments regarding “No Excuses” schools. Her inventory of the issues is fair. But, I believe Green asks the wrong questions, and […]

From Artful Money Laundering to Dehydrated Cheese Powder: This Week's Curios

Every day of the year, Curious.com CEO Justin Kitch writes a quirky fact, known as the Daily Curio, intended to tickle the brains of lifelong learners everywhere. This is a weekly digest. Last week’s Curios covered bumblebee drama, artful money laundering, and the blackest shade of black in the world. Curio No. 962 | The […]

Feed me English: Commensality and Learning Foreign Languages

When I was 16, I traveled by myself for the first time. I took the train from Rome to London and spent three weeks with a local family to improve my English. The whole experience was life-changing, as it forced me to deal with a strange environment, behaviors that at time did not make much […]